How can Users manage/renew Ads themselves? WordPress Tip

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March 31, 2022

How can Users manage/renew Ads themselves? WordPress Tip

1. user panel

Apart from the order form which allows advertisers to create Ads automatedly, Ads Pro also provides a simple user panel to manage and track the progress of created ads.

After creating an Ad via the Order Form, it is listed on the user panel for easy tracking and modification. Both the Order Form and the User Panel work hand in hand.

The user panel comprises the following options:

User Panel Explained

The user panel is separated into six different columns;

Ad Content & Buyer

2. content buyer

The ad content column displays the name of listed ads, a truncated version of your ad description as well as your ad link.

The buyer column simply displays the email address assigned to an active/inactive Ad.


The stats or status column displays important metrics for tracking the performance of your Ads. You can see how many Views & Clicks any of your ads have gained as well as the CTR (Click-through rate) which can help you determine if an Ad is performing well.

4. online stats with pdf report

Ad Display Limit

This column allows you to keep track of the set limit for each ad. Whether you have a total-click or time-based limit, this column displays it.

3. stats limits

Order Details

This column displays the active billing model, cost, and status of a listed Ad.


This column allows you to edit (delete or modify) any listed ad, it also displays options for renewing ads when they expire.

5. details actions

How To Edit Ad Details as An Advertiser?

Step One: Navigate to the User Panel

Step Two: Click On EDIT under the Actions Column

Step Three: Make all changes needed & Update Form

How to Check the Analytics of an Ad?

Step One: Navigate to the User Panel

Step Two: Click on Full Statistics under the Stats tab on any Ad

Step Three: Monitor your Ad Statistics

How To Renew an Ad as an Advertiser?

Step One: Navigate to the User Panel

Step Two: Click on any desired Renewal Term under the Actions Column

1. user panel


So that’s basically how Ads Pro User Panel works, it’s straightforward and easy to understand.

We hope you find this guide useful and detailed enough, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us via our support channel, we’ll be glad to help answer and clarify any questions you might have related to Ads Pro.

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