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Unlock the power of effortless ad management with Ads Pro Manager. Our intuitive system automates ad sales, simplifying your workflow and boosting revenue. You can display AdSense ads or other third-party ads if your ad space is empty. Ads Pro is a top advertising tool on the market for WordPress, but it may not be for you, so you should first see all the features it can help you with.

Join the ranks of successful WordPress site owners who maximize their earnings from day one. Don't miss out on monetizing your traffic with Ads Pro.


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Huge Admin Panel

Ad Spaces with different Settings and Ad Templates makes your Ads real users-friendly.

Check Admin Dashboard

Quickly check sold ads and confirm or reject pending ads and see total statistics.

Control all Spaces & Ads

Follow basic stats of ads and keep eyes on active spaces and ads.

Manage Spaces Simply

Unlimited different spaces are great, but easily placing it in different places is nice too.

Manage Ads Faster

Pretty ads makes your site users-friendly. Use different ad templates to make it better.

Advanced Features

easy to use

for you

Ads Schedule and Start / End Dates

You can add tasks to show or hide ads and ad spaces automatically at a specified time. Define Start or End date to control each single Ad.

Ad Templates and Custom Sizes

You can use more than 25 Pre-defined Ad Templates or create custom sizes of Standard ads via Ad Creator. 

Users Manager

Users can manage their ads and you can assign access to manage ads or free advertising.

Global Usage

You can in really easy way Translate whole frontend sentences and change Currency to your native one.

A/B Tests

You can really quick compare ads and choose the best with higher CTR.

Device Detection

You can Show / Hide Ad Spaces for specific Devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Geo Target

You can show Ads or Ad Spaces for specific Countries, Provinces, Cities and Zip-codes (grouped for Ads) in really fast way.

Advanced Filters

Hide Ad Spaces for specific Posts or Pages and Show it for specific Categories or Tags. This is great option to categorize Ads.

Click Fraud Protection

Our clicks and stats module use powerful function to protect your clicks and accept one click per user a day.

Ad Block Detection

A lot of sites have too much Ads in the content but we know that our pretty Ad Templates works fine so you are able to use Ad Blocker.

for your users

Frontend Order Form

Users can order Ads themselves and your can moderate it or make it automation tool by using the auto-accept option. Advertisers are able to see the Ad Preview so their Ads are always pretty.

Frontend User Panel

Advertisers are able to see all active, pending or archived Ads with total statistics (clicks, views, ctr and viewable time). They can renew expired Ads and edit Ad content or image with a single click.

Frontend Online Statistics

Advertisers can quickly see weekly statistics with graphs including number of Clicks, Views and Viewable time of each Ad. They are able to generate PDF reports as well (7, 30 or 90 days).

30+ advertising options

20+ Ways to Display Advertising

Single Ad
All Ads in Space
Random Ads
Ads in Grid
Ads as Slider
Corner Peel
Ads in Sidebar
HTML / JS / AdSense
Ads in Pop-up
Ads visible if Hover
Video Ads
Floating Ads
Layer Ads
Background Ads
Ads in Exit Pop-up
Ads in Scroll Bar
3 billing models

Every Visitor can be Your Advertiser!

Give them the ability to create Ads with different billing models (CPC - cost per click, CPM - cost per mille / views, CPD - cos per day) and they will use it themselves.

fast payment methods

Payment Gateways

8 categories

25+ Ad Templates

Links / Images
Material Design
Social Ads

Your satisfaction is our success

  • Work with elementor trought short code module, amazing!
    17 days ago
  • I've had a great experience working with Peter. The customer service is top-notch - they are always quick to respond to my questions, and they are very helpful. The software is easy to use and has a lot of great features. I highly recommend ADS PRO!

    24 days ago
  • I looked at 3-4 Ad managers and this one is easily the best by a long shot. Very flexible and feature rich. Easy to maintain, and works like a charm to keep our advertisers happy.

    Customer support is fast and accurate. Had an issue and within 24 hours I had a new version with the issue fixed! If you're looking for an ad manager that works I can highly recommend Ads Pro! To see it in action check out our site at

    1 month ago
  • Great help from Peter to resolve anything! I highly recommend this plugin if you want to create an advertising empire out of your network.

    2 months ago
  • Good plugin !

    2 months ago
  • Love Ads Pro plugin. It's our go-to plugin when creating our client's websites banner controls. It's easy and reliable to add to any WordPress site and also affordable for what it does.

    We can customize any banner ad size and control all different settings for banners ad spaces which makes our clients happy. Give it a try and see for yourself. Also, customer support is superb.

    Thank you Ads Pro team for making this plugin, making our lives a little easier.

    2 months ago
  • Great plugin that makes my ads look and work perfect on my site, and excellent costumer support from the developer.

    Recommended for anyone who wants a great ads plugin for their site.

    2 months ago
  • Amazing plugin! Also, Support is great!
    3 months ago
  • Great support and an excellent plugin
    4 months ago
  • Very good support. Reacts fast and with real solutions.

    4 months ago
  • Thank you very much for this great plugin. It has helped me a lot and I am very happy with it. Always up to date and I think that's great. Also the code quality is very good. There are no problems with the translation. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    6 months ago
  • Nice and easy to put ads on my website now :)
    8 months ago

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Default Ad Template

Standard Block 125×125

Ads 300×250 in Carousel

 Random Ads (each page refresh)

Facebook Ad Template NEW

Images in Grid (without Gutter between Ads)

Standard Block 700×50 (Custom size Example)

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  • Life-time
  • Life-time
  • 6 Months
  • All Features
  • For Free ($17)
  • For Free ($17)
  • 25+ Ad Templates
  • 20+ Ways
  • 3 Billing Models
  • 4+ Payments
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Use Ads Pro as SaaS
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One tool that saves your time to manage Ads on WordPress sites and can generate much more money than $65 ($99) from happy Advertisers every day.