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How to users can manager Ads on WordPress sites?

There are two uses of the User Panel for managing WordPress ads. In both cases, the user can track all his pending, active and archived ads. In addition, in the panel you can easily check the summary statistics along with the ad activity time and go to the full statistics of a specific ad. Another valuable functionality is the ability to renew expired ads which will generate additional income. Even if a customer makes a mistake in an ad he will be able to quickly edit the ad. All of the above features are available in the frontend which significantly improves the UX especially since clients can use standard wordpress profiles without the need to create custom accounts.

Types of User Panel applications:
1. Ads Pro manager - managing ads inside your site. The user can control the purchased ads on your site.
2. Ads Pro + MA add-on - managing purchased ads on external sites (wordpress and non-wp sites).

User's Panel (for logged in users)

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