How to display Ads in WordPress Exit Pop-up?

Exit Pop-up Ads. Why should you use them?

Exit pop-ups are a common problem on websites. They can be annoying and distracting, and can even cause your computer to crash. That's why we've created a simple form where you can display whatever you want. It's important that it be something of value to the customer, not just another new ad. Offer something special if the customer takes an action and stays on the page or clicks on a link in an exit pop-up!

Exit pop-ups are a way to make your site more user-friendly. They appear when a user leaves the site and can inform them of offers or products they may want to consider.

Exit pop-ups can also help you learn more about your site and its users. By seeing what people have said about your site, you can improve your marketing strategy and make sure your visitors are satisfied. Note that you are able to control close button to be sure how long ads are visible for users.

How to run Exit Pop-up?

Get out your mouse cursor outside the browser window. Exit Pop-up Ad has capping set on 5 so you will be able to see it only a few times, so you might have seen it before.