WordPress Marketing Agency - Ads Pro Add-on

Choose the website, where do you want to buy Ad

Tulaj.pl https://tulaj.pl

How easy users / you can Sell Ads on their Sites?

1. Download and Install the Marketing Agency Parser (located in Codecanyon MA add-on Package).
This point is not required for non-wordpress sites or if you use iframe code to show ads.
2. Log in to our demo site (here):
- login: sub_demo
- pass: pass_demo
3. Add new Site
4. Add new Ad Space and Ads
5. Copy Shortcode (if you use WordPress and Parser Plugin) or Iframe and Paste anywhere you want on your site!

Done! Now you can Manage Ads on unlimited Sites or Users can purchase Ads via Agency Order Form (look above).

Where you can see sample Ad Space?

Demo Ad Space shown via Ads Pro API: https://tulaj.pl/test-ma-ads/