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Advertising on WordPress doesn’t have to be difficult, there are a ton of solutions available out there but most require some level of technical know-how and lack the proper features to allow website owners sell ads exactly needed.

That’s where Ads Pro WordPress Ad Manager is different, not only is Ads Pro the best solution for selling Ads on WordPress websites, it also possesses a combination of exclusive features that makes it flexible for any and every ad selling scenario.

This article highlights the top 10 features of Ads Pro as a Premium WordPress Ad manager and explains concisely what each feature provides site owners.

Top 10 features in WordPress Ad Manager

Different Ad Templates (more than 25 templates)


If you’ve ever used any traditional WordPress Ad manager, you’ll know how difficult it can be to create layouts for your ads.

Ads Pro doesn’t only make it easy to create ad layouts, it also ships with 25+ amazing Ad template layouts designed to fit all common use-cases.

So basically, you don’t have to worry about coding or designing ad layouts from scratch as you’ll probably find exactly what you have in mind as an existing template all for free.

20+ Premade Ways to Display Ads


It’s one thing to create an Ad and it’s another to figure out how and where to display it.

Ads Pro provides 20+ Ad locations that any Ad can be assigned to, unlike other WordPress Ad manager plugins where you have to manually figure out and implement Ads, Ads Pro completely takes care of placements and even makes it super easy to implement a custom display location.

Popular Billing Models (CPC, CPM, CPD)


When it comes to selling Ads, there are different billing models out there and most WordPress Ad managers only include one.

Well, not Ads Pro as you get 3 of the most common billing models used in selling ads.

  1. CPC – Cost Per Click
  2. CPM – Cost Per Impression
  3. CPD – Cost Per Day

Whatever billing model you decide to use, Ads Pro hasAdblocker features to track and charge customers so you don’t need any other 3rd party plugin.

Fast Payment Methods (Paypal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, Woocommerce)


Ads Pro supports 4 highly used payment methods for charging advertisers when they publish an Ad campaign on your WordPress website.

PayPal, Stripe, Manual Bank Transfer, and Woocommerce.

The thing is, with Woocommerce, you can further use addons to accept payments from other payment gateways which unlocks a lot more possibilites.

There’s also a Free payment option (Free Ad Manager) which allows advertisers to publish ad campaigns without paying.

Frontend Order Form


The frontend order form allows advertisers to create, configure and publish ads by themselves automatedly.

The Frontend order form simplifies ad configuration by allowing advertisers to set a pricing model, add images and other ad requirement without the need for an administraor.

Frontend User Panel  


The frontend user panel provides advertisers with a clear list of all active and inactive ad campaigns on their account.

It provides ad related stats like clickthrough rate, total impressions, etc.

It also allows advertisers to easily track and renew ad contracts as well as sort thriugh and modify ad campaigns.

Online Stats with PDF Reports


Ads Pro ships with a powerful analytics feature that provides insight about the performance of ad campagins.

With a powerful graph visualizer and important statistics being tracked, advertisers will always be able to tell if an ad is performing well.

Ads Pro Ads manager also provides PDF reports of activr ad campaigns which contains concise summaries of their performance.

Huge Admin Panel (insane features, simple to use)


Ads Pro Ads manager also features a powerful Admin panel that enables site owners to quickly do tasks liek create and schedule their own ads, manage advertiser user accounts, translate setences, create custom templates and views and a lot more.

The Admin Panel essentially grants you complete control over how things work, from limiting what advertisers can do to setting prices for ad campaigns.

Adsense Support with Adblocker Detection (no more lost money)


Ads Pro ads manager ships with a powerful Ad blocker that helps fight against Advlock-enabled visitors and bot traffic.

For many Ad manager plugins out there, you’d have to purchase an addon or use another 3rd party plugin in combination with others to use AdBlocker detection.

Ads Pro provides this feature completely for no extra cost.

100% Responsive (ads scalable to desktop, tablet, and mobile)

All ads created with Ads Pro Ad Manager are 100% responsive and can work with every device screen viewport.


Advertising on WordPress shouldn’t be difficult and Ads Pro Ad manager is the reason why. With all the features highlighted in this article, there’s no doubt that Ads Pro should be the goto Ads manager for every use case you might have.

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